Building homes so you can build your future.

At Kanyon it is a privilege for us to envision family gathering in the spaces that we are building. We consider it an honor to be invited into the place you will someday call home.

Ease of Mind

Kanyon’s full transparency will allow you to see exactly what each line-item costs and make decisions as you see fit. We’ll fix our fee, so there is no guessing what you’ll pay us. We’ll also let you see our cost of upgrades and deducts so you get the most for your money.

  • Huntsville Residence
  • Jensen Residence
  • Wahlen Residence
  • South Ogden Residence
  • Halcyon Homes
  • Johnson Residence
  • Uintah Residence
  • Harward Subdivision
  • Charly’s Acres Subdivision
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